Sunday, November 08, 2009

Asheville Trip - Posana Cafe!!

Posana Cafe
One Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

I can't believe it has taken me this long to post about this most spectacular restaurant! So many things have happened in my personal life this past month...well it's just gotten in the way of me sitting down and concentrating on a post. Finally, I'm going to give it a try!

As I've posted before, my husband and I, along with some great friends of ours, went to Asheville, N.C. on a little mini-vacation early October. I have to say Asheville is the most Gluten Free Friendly place I've ever been to. Not only do many of the places have gluten free items marked on their menus, but everyone seemed to know exactly what I was talking about and was more than willing to help!

Now for the best part. Posana Cafe! This is the most remarkable restaurant. It is totally Gluten Free! Yes, that's right! No Cross Contamination worries here! This place has a totally Gluten Free Kitchen! And the Food is absolutely Remarkable! It features the freshest local, sustainable, and organic ingredients with pastries and desserts made from scratch. We all ate dinner there and had a wonderful time. We were all amazed with the food and all very satisfied. The restaurant was very elegant and yet comfortable. Now keep in mind I am the only one who needs to eat Gluten Free. Everyone else on the trip is normal, but everyone LOVED this restaurant!!! Plus, it was not more expensive than any other restaurant!

Bruschetta with sun-dried tomato pesto, asiago cheese, garlic and Pinnacle Peak Farms basil oil. This was such a treat! French Bread in a restaurant!! Perfect too.
Vietnamese Spring Roll with shrimp, rice noodles, carrots, cucumber and ponzu dipping sauce My friend Jenn loved these. They have cilantro in them so that turned me off. Cilantro should always be mentioned in the description in a menu. They sure are pretty though. Roasted free-range chicken breast with root vegetables, mashed potatoes and mushroom jus This was my dinner. Yum! I'm not usually a beet fan but I ate all of them on this plate. Everything on this dish was perfect together, it was the perfect Fall dinner.
Saffron Sea Scallops with sweet corn risotto, snow peas and roasted tomato compote Both Jenn and her mother, Jane, had this dinner. They both raved about it. Especially the risotto!
Grilled Chicken with pasta, sun-dried and baby tomato trio, spinach and parmesan
Jimmy had the pasta of the evening, and he ate every bit of it. I tasted a noodle, it was just right.
Balsamic Chicken Breast with arugula-citrus salad, cucumbers and garam masala cashews This was my husband's dinner. Isn't it gorgeous? It was huge too! He's not the biggest salad person so I was surprised when he ordered this but he loved it! I tasted the nuts...oh my goodness, they were good.
Child's plate of Macaroni and Cheese
This was Nate's dinner. Nate is 17 months old. He ate every bite of his pasta, well minus the bite I tasted which was very good, by the way. Then he ate some of just about everyone else's dinner. He was a hungry little boy!
Desserts! Carmel Apple Cheesecake with apple chips and plum sauce, Vanilla Bean Creme BruleƩ with candied orange zests and biscotti, and various scoops of home made ice cream
I doubt I have to say much about the desserts, but....they were all so good!! And all made from scratch! The biscotti was so perfect to me, not too too hard, just right. The candied orange zest were delicious, Jimmy gave me some and I had them with my Chocolate Truffle Cake, what a taste sensation!
I had Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake with Almond Ice Cream!
Yes! It is as decadent as it looks!

The next day my husband and I took a local friend BACK to Posana Cafe for Brunch. Although, she is a local to Asheville she had never been to Posana Cafe before, she was very happy we introduced her to it! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that morning so I have pictures to share with you but I can tell you I had the most delicious French Toast!! It was very thick, crispy on the outside with light and fluffy bread on the inside a perfect combination.

My husband had the pancakes with Jones Dairy Farm Sausage. The pancakes are made from scratch, they are light and airy with a little bit of a nutty flavor, and the sausage is certified gluten free with no nitrates or any of that nasty stuff. You can buy it in a lot of grocery stores and it says gluten free right on the package...gotta love that!

Our friend, Penelope, had a normal breakfast of ham and eggs with home fries. She was very impressed. We all tasted each others meals of course and we were all very happy with everything.

At the end I just had to order a Biscuit! I haven't had a biscuit in years. So I ordered a Biscuit to go but I had to taste it before we left and I ended up eating the whole thing before we left!! So I got another one to go! Oh my goodness it was a real Biscuit! Now as I told Peter, the owner, it wasn't my Aunt Bunny's biscuits, but it was pretty darn close!

Would I visit Posana Cafe again? Every day if I could!!
Please if you are in Asheville go to Posana Cafe! Eat, Drink, Be Merry! And don't worry about getting Glutened! I'd also like to say that they are very aware of other food allergies too and will work hard to make your tummy happy no matter what you can't eat.

Thank you to Peter and the Gang for such a wonderful place and for taking such good care of us while we were there!


Developing Your Human Resources Skills said...

food looks good. Can you make these and deliver instead? :),

june said...

Oh, gluten-free pancakes! I also live in Asheville but have yet to try this place. I don't *have* to eat gluten-free but have less problems (sinus congestion and such) when I do.

Sunny Point also has gluten-free pancakes but they didn't quite hit the spot for me. I'll have to try Posana's.

Stacey Budge said...

I live in Asheville and eat at Posana at least once a week. Such an awesome place. I was almost in tears over the biscuits.

Emily said...

Wow! I'm going there next week, can't wait!!